Alcohol Content in Kombucha

Is it safe for alcoholics to drink kombucha?

Some people who are in recovery from alcoholism have found that kombucha tea is a good way to "take the edge off." However, anyone going through treatment for a alcohol dependency, who asked their councelor if it was okay to drink kombucha, would probably get "no" for an answer.

Kombucha in Wine Glass

Kombucha probably won't get you drunk

It's important to remember that it does have a little bit of naturally-occuring alcohol that develops during the fermentation process.

Most batches of kombucha tea will contain between 0.5% and 1.0% alcohol, which is just slightly more than "near-bear" or quote-unquote "non-alcoholic beer."

There are certainly kombucha connoisseurs out there that intentionally brew their kombucha elixer to have more alcohol than usual, but most of the time, these levels will not exceed 3.0% or so...

Perhaps you will recall the big "hubub" surrounding Whole Foods pulling all kombucha products off their shelf for containing trace levels of alcohol. Well, it's back on the shelf now and I've not seen any alcohol warnings on the bottles I've enjoyed recently. There is however a warning on the GTS brand Gingerade (which I'm enjoying as I type this) suggesting, "if you are pregnant or breast feeding, please consult with your healthcare professional before consuming..."